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Isn’t It Wonderful When You Just Connect?

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Ever had one of those experiences?

You meet someone and the connection is immediate?

That’s how it was with this girl.

It was like the stars aligned for us.

Don’t get all romantic on me, and start fantasizing things that are just irrelevant. This wasn’t some Disney Fantasy experience, where she was overwhelmed, and just knew I was “the one” for her.

This was something deeper than that.

A genuine experience of personal connection.

I understood her.

She understood me.

I could tell right away I could fall in love with her.

It wasn’t a physical thing at all, though she was also completely gorgeous. It was totally about who she was as a person, and the way our two souls met.

Anyone listening to our conversation?

They probably wouldn’t have detected it.

It wasn’t a crazy energy thing.

It was more like a nice cool VIBE.

I don’t often meet a girl, who can totally relate when I share my thoughts with her. Usually in social circles I just sort of lay low, and play the small talk game, even though I’m constantly bored with it.


I don’t enjoy that.

But I recognize it is social reality.

It also can lead to more.

It is where many of you girls need to begin apparently.

But with this girl, there was absolutely no need to play that game at all. We went from zero to very deep, in a matter of a minute or two.

I could tell she felt the same.

Like I was someone who understood her.

Someone able to understand the challenges.

The ones between her and her boyfriend.

Yep. That’s right. Why does there always have to be a boyfriend? I told her if that wasn’t the case, I would already be inviting her for a seawall walk with me.

But “Hey!” I said.

“If you two ever open up your relationship?”

“You should totally look me up!”

“I would love to explore a connection with you!”

How about you? Have you ever met somebody with whom you experience such a deep immediate connection, that you know you could fall in love with them, if they would just open up their heart to you?

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