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Is Your Relationship Too Much Work?

If you’re asking this question, guess what?

“Yes!” is definitely the answer.

The reason why?

Because real relationships are easy and simple too.

If you are finding your relationship work, you are looking at this from the wrong perspective. You’re thinking your relationship is something you have to DO.

But relationships aren’t like that.

Not when they’re really happening.

When you are truly connecting with a partner?

Your relationship just flows.

So what is the magic difference between your experience and what I’m talking about? How do you move from here to there, so you can just enjoy love again?

Are you sitting down?

I hope you are.

Because surprise surpise?

Youre not going to like this.

The way to move from here to there is to do nothing at all. Not only should you do nothing, you should let go of your hope of things changing.

I know what you’re thinking?

“If I do nothing things won’t change.”

“They’ll only keep getting worse.”

“My partner will stay the same.”

That right there is the central key, if you’re willing to recognize it. The reason your relationship is such a mess is you think your partner has to behave differently.

THEY have to change.

They should meet your needs they’re not currently meeting.

They have to do this.

They have to do that.

Don’t you see? Romantic love is the desire to experience sexual fulfillment and emotional connect that is MUTUALLY shared and enjoyed by both of you.

If you’re not enjoying yourself?

If they are not desiring you?

Then leave!

What are you staying here for?

Unless your love life is fullfilling to both of you?

There is absolutely no point to it.

Your partner doesn’t need to change a bit for you to enjoy your love life. You just need to go find someone you value who also values you.

Love is never work.

What’s work is PRETENDING.

If you don’t have a real relationship?

No amount of work is going to change it for you.

What do you think? Is your current relationship too much work and should you keep trying to fix it, or should you just recognize you don’t really have a real relationship and move on from it?

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