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Is There An Echo In Here?

Every now and then?

It is enjoyable to experience confirmation.

Whenever an expert speaks up?

They prove what I’m telling you is right.

The latest voice is from Dr. Debra Soh who holds a Ph.D. in sexual neuroscience research from York University. She now writes about the science and politics of sex.

Look at her recent article called Sex, Love and Knowing the Difference.

What is she confirming to you?

That love is a relationship between sex AND emotional connection.


Sound familiar?

Pretty sure I talk about this all the time don’t I?

Insist romantic love is the merging of these two things.

Dr. Soh doesn’t use the very same terminology I am using. But she does affirm that “love often presents as an extension of desire.”

Desire is her terminology for lust or sexuality.

And like myself?

What does she recognize?

To experience short term attraction?

You don’t even need to KNOW someone.

In contrast when you are “engaging emotionally on a long term basis?”

That is when you can really say you’re in love with them.

The article even lays out for you what I say about the long term death of attraction. How “women in particular” lose interest in sex in relationships longer than a year.

And what about monogamy?

Sure enough!

She admits you are not that way “by nature.”

Once those babies are on the way?

So are you!

Oh but to calm your fears, she doesn’t think this means monogamy is “impossible.”

Nor does she think this means that “cheating is justified.”

As you can see all her science doesn’t prevent Dr. Soh from caving to the pro-monogamy social lobby. Despite all the evidence to the contrary if you discuss expectations about sex and monogamy up front she thinks you’ll be alright anyway.

For someone who majors in statistics?

This belief of hers is quite surprising.

If she was being consistent though?

She’d be telling you to just give up entirely.

Since it is true as she recognizes that “relationship duration negatively predicts women’s sexual desire?” She should know just discussing expectations is NOT going to change this.

It’s time to recognize it.

This is what ALL the experts are saying.

Monogamy is not going to work out for you.

Statistically that ship has sailed a long time ago.

So once again I make my pitch.

Take a closer look at Romantic Friendships.

They really are the way to enjoy romantic love love without losing your independence!

What do you think? Are you really going to prove all the experts wrong despite the massive wall of evidence or should you just admit the truth so you can enjoy real love in your life?

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