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Is It Time To Look In The Mirror?

I’m laughing so hard right now it’s not funny.

I just can’t make myself stop it.

I’ve been doing this a long, long time.

Even so?

You girls never cease to surprise me.

As you know, I use the Meetup system as a way to get out there meeting girls in my own love life. I’ve met 2 girls in 20 minutes more than a few times now.

One of the perks of Meetup?


If you want to call it that!

I get to see conversations online too.

Outside the regular meetup events?

Guys and girls chat, and seek to meet up individually as well.

What’s got me laughing right now is, on one of my Meetup group convos a girl wants to do this. I saw her post something a few days back, but I only looked at it briefly.

I guess nobody took her up on that.

At least that’s what I think she’s implying.

I can’t remember what she said the other day.

I just noted that she was doing some inviting.

That musn’t have worked out, because today she was on there COMPLAINING.

“Shy men are the reason most of us are single, they are afraid to make an approach. I guess they need to work on their low self esteem.”

I thought that seemed an odd thing to say.

With that attitude?

Not likely to get many takers.

But when I looked more closely?

I was tempted to give her an alternate explanation.

“I suppose that could be the case, but usually guys with high self esteem, are gonna go for a girl whose weight has quite a few less digits!”

“Kel! Tell me you DIDN’T write that!”

Not to worry.

Like I said, I was just tempted.

Even though it cracked me up?

I exercised self-control inspite of it.

Now before you girls get all upset again, and insist this is just one more example of how terribly SEXIST I am? Please remember, I spent 6 whole blog posts telling the guys what they can learn from Bad Boys, about being masculine too.

In other words?

I work on BOTH of you.

Because you both need to look in the mirror.

This is something you both suffer from.

Like this girl?

You’re too ready to say it’s the OTHER person’s problem.

The fact is, Nature works the way it works, as this girl’s comment clearly indicates. Her baseline attraction triggers are about a guy approaching her, because he’s CONFIDENT and “alpha.”

What she isn’t recognizing?

If it’s okay for her to want THAT?

Then it is also okay for the guys to want what they want too.

Which means?

She needs to be slim and shapely herself.

As I’ve told you before, I don’t like how attraction works either. But that doesn’t change the fact we all have to work with it.

Yes, seek to be smarter than your DNA.

But also work on yourself to remove any obstacles.

Guys work on your confidence.

Girls get your weight down, and do yourself up nicely.

Why keep getting in the way unnecessarily?

You need to help that guy or girl be initially attracted to you.

What do you think? Is it really the problem of that guy or that girl, and the way they’re not getting with the program, or do you have a long overdue visit with that mirror of yours coming to you?

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