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Is It Time For Princess To Finance Her Own Glass Slippers? (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Is It Time For Princess To Finance Her Own Glass Slippers?

If there is one thing you can always predict?

Ask a group a simple question?

No matter how large or small it is?

You’ll get as many answers as there are people right?

So you can imagine what happened when a female relationship coach friend posed the classic question. When she asked her friends list, “First date. Who pays?” I got ready for some fun!

“A $1 coffee. I do. I’ll go even for $2,” a guy after my own heart proceeded.

“First meeting is just to meet and see how we feel.”

“Never spend it on a meal.”

“That’s not the point.”

Next a girl chimed in, “Good question! I never could figure out if there was a ‘right way’ or a ‘wrong way.’ In my opinion, I’d say it depends on who asked for the date. Otherwise, just be safe and go Dutch.”

The next guy said, “Man…no question.”

Apparently he missed the previous comments?

The next girl said, “Depends. Some girls like to be treated.”

“Some don’t like feeling bought.”

So what’s a a guy supposed to do with THAT? Somehow I can’t quite visualize either of those girls appreciating him asking which one they are!

But wait there’s more!

Let’s not forget the “Foody Call” victim.

Who is that you ask?

The next guy shared his brutal personal experience.

“Whoever asked. I’ve had women I wasn’t pursuing suggest we go out to dinner, suggest a moderately expensive place, then stare at me when the bill comes. Over $100 I wasn’t planning on spending. Those nights also usually ended with no kiss or any other romantic interest on her side. Just looking for a free meal.”

One sweet girl responded, “Ewe, I’m so sorry that happened.”

“That feels yucky just to read about.”

The victim responded, ‘It wasn’t just one woman either.”

“Happens all the time.”

(I’m thinking, “Fool me once?”)

Finally after a lot more varied responses I decided to make my contribution. I said, “Well at least if you don’t pay you get to see who you’re working with! (wink)”

And despite the cheekiness of my comment?

I really DID mean it.

If somebody gets all uptight about who pays?

What is a relationship with them going to be like anyway?

What do you think? Does it really matter in today’s modern world who pays for drinks or the meal on any particular occasion or is this just outdated programming from a bygone day it’s time to leave in the past now?

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