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Is Commitment Really The Answer?

I read a great article on commitment today.

As you know?

I’m pretty hard on commitment.

But I found myself agreeing an aweful lot with this author.

Does this mean I’m a contradiction?

If you read the fine print on everything I say, you will realize that’s not the case actually. What this article means by commitment, I mean by not bailing at the first sign of relationship trouble.

When I tell you commitment has no value?

I mean as a substitute for LOVE it doesn’t.

And when love is present?

Commitment isn’t needed.

But love’s ups and downs do require PERSISTANCE.

If you are the type of person to “walk away from your car” as this article says, everytime it is needing a tune up? Of course love will evade you forever, because you’re showing you don’t really value your partner.

The main kind of commitment I preach against though?

It is the kind driven by you girls’ biology.

The kind that says you need to trap a guy.

Tie him into you for the long run.

Because Nature wants to get babies made, of course you feel you just have to do this. That is the same reason guys always feel that they have to have endless new sexual partners.

I will say it again.

DNA is NOT love.

Neither of you will find happiness that way.

Until you learn to be smarter than that?

You are going to keep experiencing emptiness and heartbreak.

All you need to experience romantic love in your life, is to find someone who wants to share it. Someone you value who also finds they value you, and wants to reciprocate it.

That’s it.


Why do you have to complicate it?

You don’t.

Just open your heart.

There are so many people who will love you!

What do you say? Is commitment really the answer to having love in your life, or is the answer to just be open to love where you find it?

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