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Instead Of Saying “I Do” You Should Say “I Won’t”

As you know, where monogamy is concerned?

I don’t hold out much hope for it.

Your odds of making that one work out?

Getting struck by lightening is a better bet!

A central reason why this is so is expressed in an article called Why Our Expectations of Marriage Need to Change. In it, the author details something that should have already been more than obvious.

What is that?

You are not a STATIC creature.

Promising your partner you’ll never change?

It’s misleading or dishonest at it’s best.

Of course you girls know all about this, because you’re not marrying him so his current state will continue. The old adage says it’s only HE who hopes you’ll never change.

What marriage actually is for you girls?

A steady make work project.

From the day he says, “I do” to you?

Your makeover of him begins.

While I agree with the author that every one of us changes over time inevitably? Because of your emotional natures, staying the same for a moment is not what you girls do.

This author is right about another thing.

Marriage is about broken promises.

Instead of saying “I do?”

You really should say “I won’t.”

I don’t mean to put all of the “blame” on you girls though, because there are lots of guys who also fail to live up to the bargain.

He cheats on you.

He doesn’t connect.

He neglects you.

Or goes silent.

The bottom line is, marriage never was about the two of you historically. It was created to help get kids on the way, so they could inherit your property.

Otherwise what marriage is really about?

It’s just a big “how not to do love” classroom.

The sooner you learn the lesson though?

The sooner you can begin the Romantic Friendships lovestyle!

How about you? Do you recognize that marriage is just the land of broken promises, or are you still clinging to the hope that it is going to work out differently for you?

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