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“Independent Women” Aren’t Cool

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From my critique of “independent women?”

You might think I’m against girls being independent.

After all, what am I doing with that blog post series constantly?

Taking on all the ways you girls think you are.

But despite all appearances, what I’m doing there is trying to point you to the exact opposite. If you want to truly be independent, you need to become a COOL GIRL.

An article called 19 Traits of a Cool Person?

It details what this type of girl will look like.

And what sorts of things does that entail?

Let me show you now.

As a cool girl you “won’t get jealous,” you’ll “be independent” and “happy in your own company.” You’ll be “comfortable with who you are,” “confident in your own abilities,” and “stick to your principles” as well.

Sounding familiar yet?

These are the things I always talk about.

Remember those 3 types of lovers?

Independence is the KEY to being happy in love!

Because you’re a cool girl, you’re “open-minded” and “good at expressing yourself.” You’re “adaptable and pragmatic,” and “know how to forgive and forget.”

You “naturally make people feel at ease.”

You “don’t judge others.”

You “mind your own business and never gossip.”

But you also “don’t suffer fools.”

A cool girl like you will be “interested in the world,” and what it has to offer. Because of this you “have lots of interests of your own,” and see your love life as just a wonderful part of it.

You’re “optimistic.”

You “have your own style.”

Instead of having expectations?

You seek to live and love “in the moment.”

If you really want to be an “independent woman” who exemplifies the female of the species? These are the types of qualities you should seek to emulate, instead of all that other silly stuff.

How I reacted when I read all this article?

I thought to myself, “Yummy!”

“Gotta get me one of these!”

Be the male version for my partners as well!

What do you think now? In resisting the “independent woman” schtick am I really saying it’s bad to be independent, or am I trying to steer you off all your fantasies that aren’t the real deal?

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