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Independent Women Aren’t Cool (Part 2)

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I ran across another great article.

It’s about being an “ever single” girl.

But really what it’s showing you?

What a cool girl is all about.

When it talks about hitting the jackpot with this type of girl it really isn’t kidding. Instead of being an “independent woman,” this girl is the real McCoy!

What she’s done with singleness?

She’s turned it into a “art form.”

Instead of seeing it as “dreadful?”

She embraces “its joys and pitfalls.”

“She learned that being single is so much better than being in a crappy relationship. She learned it the only way anyone can learn really, by making mistakes, by placing her heart in the wrong hands.”


It can take some TIME to become a cool girl.

In order to learn the lesson?

You often have to take some “hard knocks.”

“The first and most important lesson she has learned is that she has to really get to know herself. That she has to develop and work on the most important relationship in her life—the one she has with herself.”

“Self-love and self-respect?”

They have nothing to do with “being selfish.”

What they DO have everything to do with?

Making you a better LIFE!

I can totally agree that, “A man who is dating a ‘forever single girl will feel like he has hit the jackpot.’ Like his bad luck has turned and finally, he has found a girl who is all he ever wanted and more.”

Because she won’t “drop everything” for you?

You’ll never take each other “for granted.”

Since she won’t settle for mediocre?

You know she’s the “real deal.”

“She doesn’t need him. She can stand on her own two feet, no matter what. But she wants him to be a part of her life and that’s what makes all the difference.”


That’s the ticket!

Give me a girl comfortable in her own skin like this?

I’m gonna want her in my life too!

How about you guys? Can you see now why I’ve been telling you to go out and find yourself a cool girl, and will you make sure you are the kind of independent guy who she’s gonna want too?

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