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Independent Woman Or Disney Fantasy 2.0? (Part 5)

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Except for the “commitment” shtick?

And the need to insist on “my worth” and “I’m a strong woman?”

An article I read recently is actually really good.

It is what you girls SHOULD aspire to.

The central theme of Strong Women Would Rather Be Alone Than Spend Their Time With Assholes is that you are better off being alone, than being with one of these guys. You’re better off being okay just you, than ending up with a real jerk.

As far as those few “Bad Boy traits” you like?

They are really Nice Guy traits anyway.

But when those traits are taken to extremes?

They make for an emotionally unavailable partner, who ends up hurting you.

But just because he won’t play the monogamy game with you, it doesn’t mean a guy is “afraid of commitment,” or unwilling to “devote himself to being in a relationship” . He may just be a guy who realizes not only has that ship sailed, but it never was really seaworthy anyway.

Like the truly independent girl you are?

He also has “inner confidence.”

Like you, he “knows who he is.”

That he doesn’t need a relationship with a girl to “define that.”

But minus these last ditch attempts at retaining the dying vestiges of monogamy? What this article is describing is indeed a TRULY independent girl, and she is very attractive.

She gives priority to her emotions.

She stays authentic and doesn’t put up a front.

She knows happiness comes from within.

Not from any of her partners.

As the author says, “…all this culminates in the final point – strong women know that a relationship isn’t supposed to be something to cling to, to avoid being alone.”

What ARE they about?

“True connection.”

“Two people” who are “compatible.”

“Complimentary in their personalities.”

I couldn’t choose a better way to describe the essence of Romantic Friendships. With Romantic Friendships all your relationship is about is the two of you.

Being an independent (strong) girl?

It will draw to you a loving partner.

Then the two of you can enjoy true love.

Without surrendering your independence in the process.

What do you think girls? Are you truly independent in how you approach your love relationships like this, or are you still trying to insist you’re an “independent woman,” because deep down you know you’re not one.

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