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Improving Yourself Won’t Improve Your Love Life

I wrote a while back about the all important question.

“How do I date a 10?”

You guys ask this all the time.

What you mean by this?

“How do I date a hottie?”

I was speaking to a guy a while ago, who put the issue very succinctly. He was debating hiring an escort, just so he could see what it was like to have sex with a girl with a really great body.

Because let’s face it guys.

Those girls are NOT the ones you’re landing.

On your subjective scale?

You’re landing a 5 OR 6 at best.

If you’re “lucky” maybe a 7.

The advice you receive if you want to fix this situation, is to go out there and improve yourself. If YOU don’t want to date someone below your standards, why do you think that hot girl will?

A girl who is stunning?

She usually has her life together.

She’s got her career.

She’s got a social life.

She’s spiritually and emotionally connected too.

Why do you think you should be able to walk in all frumpy, and get HER attention? Truth is, you probably do get her attention, and that is why she’s at the other side of the room!

So what’s the answer?

Get in shape!

Work on your social skills.

Work on your inner life.

Work on your finances as well.

Start to live life on your own terms, and pretty soon you know what? Those hotties will start lining up for their chance to beat out their friends to be with you.

Sounds good right?

There’s just one problem.

The evidence doesn’t support it.

Lot’s of pretty normal guys?

They still often end up with her.

I’m not saying girls don’t care about those things, but you can waste a lot of your time unnecessarily. If you think you have to wait until you’ve got everything on track before a quality girl will be attracted to you, you’re completely mistaken.

Confidence and charm?

The willingness to LEAD?

That is all you need to think about.

Get to the point where you don’t even care?

Suddenly you’ll discover SHE’S caring about you!

Working out and getting a career, and becoming a social butterfly? Those things are fine if you’re into them, but when it comes to attracting girls, it’s all window dressing. Nothing else..

Be yourself.

Your CONFIDENT self.

Any girls worthwhile will come flocking.

And don’t forget.

A quality girl?

She’s got more going on than her own window dressing too.

What do you think? Do you really need to waste all your time on self improvement in order to attract the kind of girl you’re wanting, or do you just need to put your current best foot forward so she can see you for who you really are?

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