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Imagine What Would Happen!

Imagine what would happen if you were just open to love?

If you didn’t have any OTHER criteria.

As long as you both connect in a special way?

You just embrace that and you go with it.

What would it be like to not worry at all about whether this person is “good for you” in the long run? The only thing that matters is they are “good right now” and you can leave the rest of it up to “the universe.”

They don’t have to be perfect at all.

You’re not planning on trying to live with them.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve got any quirks.

You’re just “into them” for what makes you “into them.”

You don’t need to worry about his bank account or whether he has the capacity to “take care of you.” She doesn’t need to have the perfect body because it is quite alright that she is “at least cute” to you.

No concerns of “Where is this going?” at all.

No need for anything like commitment.

You’ve abandoned all of your “deal breakers” now.

You just love each other with no expectations.

What if you could experience a care free love where you spend all your time just enjoying each other. Leaving behind all your troubles so you can hide away in your personal oasis?

You probably think this is a fantasy right?

If you do you are sadly mistaken.

I’ve enjoyed love exactly like I’m describing here.

I would never go back to any other way again.

What I’m sharing of course is exactly how Romantic Friendships play out in reality. The reason they work is you let go of all the other reasons you think need to be there before you can love someone.

But to enjoy a love as EASY as this?

You really do have to let go of EVERYTHING.

Resist all your biological and societal programming.

Give up on your Disney fantasies.

Instead embrace a new kind of lovestyle where love itself provides life with its meaning. Where you enjoy romantic love in all of its depth without giving up one ounce of your independence.

What I’m describing CAN be yours.

Your love life CAN be this abundant.

All you need to do to experience this?

Imagine what would happen!

How about you? Are you tired of worrying about all those things that forever make your love life impossible and are you ready now to finally let go and open yourself up to what you can imagine?

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