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I’m Yours And You’re Mine

This is a common phrase isn’t it?

It’s a statement lovers frequently make.

He’s yours and you’re his.

Isn’t that actually what in MEANS to be in love?

At first blush this does sound right and it is something I’m totally comfortable with, but it is when you examine the underlying assumptions you begin to see that something is amiss.

To see what I mean, just ask yourself.

Do you only say this of your lovers?

When you find yourself referring to your friends?

Don’t you use the same terminology?

I can be your friend and you can be my friend, but that doesn’t mean we can’t be friends with any others. Just because I am your friend doesn’t mean I’m only allowed to be friends with you.

And similarly when it comes to friends?

Does it make any sense to talk about commitment?

Am I your friend because I’m committed to you?

Or just because we enjoy being friends?

Naturally, it is a wonderful thing when you experience romantic love with a partner. It definitely is a friendship that is fulfilling in special ways.

But even though it is special like that?

Does that mean you can only enjoy it with one partner?

You don’t find this with your other friends.

Why think a romantic partner can only be with you?

The more you look at what romantic love actually is, the more you see that such love is a limitless resource. You can share it with anyone with whom you find yourself falling in love.

The only reason you think you can’t?

It is because THEY told you so.

But last time I checked?

THEY don’t have any vested interest in your love life.

This is why I’ve chosen now to no longer listen to what THEY are saying. I’ve realized if I’m going to enjoy the love I desire, it is totally up to me.

Since I decided this?

I just share my heart freely.

When I meet a girl who shares my desire?

We become romantic friends!

How about you? Are you ready now to stop doing what THEY tell you about how you should configure your love life, and begin to just share you heart with the people you love so they have the opportunity to love you too?

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