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I’m Not Sure I Believe In Checklists Anymore (Part 3)

So last time I shared an article with you.

It’s called Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Does These 70 Things.

Not only does the author recommend your list?

She recommends you insist he fulfill everything.


So just for fun I shared this article with a buddy with whom I frequently talk about relationships. His response was such a classic guy response that I had to share it with you.

“Only 70 things you must do right huh?”

“Who came up with this list?”

“A crazy girl?”

“No pressure on a guy whatsoever!”

After he got over his initial disgust at the complete ridiculousness of these suggestions he went on to say, “I even think she forgot a few things so allow me to continue her list.”

“71. Always makes sure the toilet seat is left down.”

“72. Never stands to pee.”

“73. Surprises you with dinner most nights.”

“Oh and those meals are culinary delights too!”

“74. Pampers you with frequent foot massages.”

“75. Pulls the covers back for you.”

“76. Never disappoints with his generous back rubs.”

Then he really began to have fun with this as he let his imagination wander. What he wrote next reminded me of a theme I shared with you a while ago.

“77. Licks your dinner plate clean.”

“78. Sits up and begs.”

“79. Fetches your slippers for you.”


“Somehow I transitioned into a submissive dog.”

“Not sure how that could have happened but perhaps it is because I feel like I’m in the “doghouse” if I don’t comply with all her wishes.”

“There’s so much pressure here.”

“All I want is to have sex.”

(Most guys’ only criteria!)

“Do I comply or don’t I?”

“Oh wait!

I have the answer.”


As a girl you may not like what you just read because you normally want to be lied to. But if you wonder what the average guy actually thinks of your list making then take note.

The first step to solving The Battle Of The Sexes?

It is beginning to understand each other.

What my friend’s response shows you?

If you want to find a great guy?

You can start by getting rid of that list of yours!

What do you think? Is my friend’s response to this article an over reaction or have you been treating guys like they should just be submissive puppies?

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