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I’m Not Sure I Believe In Checklists Anymore (Part 2)

In Part 1 I shared a miracle with you.

What was that?

An online dating girl had received a revelation.

The LISTS you girls create to find a guy?

She had become skeptical they work.

But just when I think there’s hope for you and you will finally start giving guys a chance? I run across yet another piece of evidence that I shouldn’t hold my breath.

Exhibit Number 1?

An article dedicated solely to the subject.

As if that isn’t bad enough?

It was recommended by a female Facebook dating coach friend.

Usually you girls realize that you have to temper your expectations. You take your list and prioritize your deal breakers from the rest.

Not so with this article.

Your prospective suitor isn’t getting off that easy.

He has to meet not just some of your criteria.


He has to meet ALL of them!

Now you might be thinking, “Okay but how many criteria are we really talking about? Most girls have a pretty short list so that’s not too unreasonable.”

Short you say?

Think again.

The list we’re talking about tops out at 70!

“What?!!” you say.

I know.

That’s a LOT.

The article is calledĀ Stay Single Until You Meet A Guy Who Does These 70 Things. Not only did my dating coach friend endorse this list she said she couldn’t write a better one herself!

I got weary just reading this.

I can’t imagine trying to fulfill it.

A better title for this article?

I think “Just Stay Single” would do!

With advice like this who needs enemies?

As I’ve told you girls so many times finding a partner is not likeĀ reviewing a job application. Nobody will ever fulfill that list of yours so you’re better off to throw it in the trash.

Just meet up with guys.

Go in with ZERO expectations.

Get to know each other.

That’s when the magic happens!

Try it and see!

How about you? Would you like to stay single forever and keep convincing yourself there are no good guys out there or would you like to open your heart to love so it has a chance of finding you?

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