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I’m Not Into Polyamory I’m Into Romantic Love

“I don’t want to become known as ‘the polyamory guy.'”

I said this to a marketing friend of mine.

It was very early on when I first started this blog.

He told me to be effective I needed to “identify my target.”

Focus my writing on only them.

He suggested I focus on polyamory because he thought that aspect of what I have to say is unique. Most people giving out relationship advice aren’t talking about polyamory at all.

I didn’t make a choice back then.

I just decided to write from my heart.

What you’ve seen here for the past two and a half years?

It is exactly that.

But as I look back my real purpose has never changed.

My very first three blog posts made it clear.

Romantic love means valuing your partner and wanting to share yourself with them.

That’s what you should be about.

You should share romantic love with anyone you experience it with.

Everything else I’ve written since that time is just to help you see why this all makes sense. Help you see why the way you’re pursuing romantic love is never going to work.

The way you can see I’m not “into polyamory?”

I only promote ONE kind…Romantic Friendships.

Why only this kind?

Because it is the most conducive to experiencing romantic love.

Which is what I’m ACTUALLY about.

What I’m about is not polyamory at all.

I’m TOTALLY about romantic love.

Nothing else.

All the ways you think I’m not positive toward romantic love, are just because you’re still under the delusion the way you’re pursuing romantic love will work.

You think you can pursue having kids and still have love.

You think you can be exclusive and still have love.

You think you can live together and still have love.

You think you can use your partner and still have love.

You think you can pursue EVERYTHING ELSE but love and still have love.

As long as romantic love is NOT your purpose and the priority of your life, it will ALWAYS die. Romantic love will not play second place to anything else you subject it to.

But finding love is easy.

Being in it isn’t hard.

What is hard is being willing to apply logic to your love life.

So you can break free of your broken paradigm.

You don’t need to find the perfect partner.

You just need to be open to love with whoever you find it with.

Then enjoy your times together and make love the only reason that you are.

So what do you think? Am I “the polyamory guy” or am I just a guy who believes in romantic love and is trying to point the way?

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