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I’m Not Interested In A Downgrade Thank You

Today she had “the conversation” with me.

The one where she sought to downgrade our relationship.

As a monogamy girl who thinks “the one” is now calling?

That means “we” need to shift to “just friends” now.

She and I connected in wonderful ways over 3 months and were as intimate as our long distance relationship allowed us. We had long video chats, online dates and engaged in lots and lots of messaging throughout the day as well.

She called me “Babe.”

Even “Daddy” sometimes.

Like true lovers?

We were both open and playful.

But today as we chatted the move was made. “I have chosen to give this a chance. We can stay friends, but that just needs to change what it looks like.”

“I only need one love, intimate love.”

“But there’s enough of me to go around.”

“I love BIG.”

“I can still have friendly love for LOTS of people.”

It simply amazes me you girls feel you can’t romantically love more than one person, but then you believe someone who romantically loves you can simply change to “just friends.”

I told her, “You know what I desire with someone I love.”

She said, “Yeah, that wouldn’t be optional.”

I replied, “OBVIOUSLY.”

“Viva la monogamy!”

Forgive me if I take a pass my dear but I’m not interested in a downgrade thank you. I will continue to love you as I always have, while you now say “No” to our love because of monogamy.

Of course what all of this shows?

It is not LOVE you’re after.

What you want is a relationship “ideal.”

One that always makes love its victim.

These are just the reflections of someone who once was a love avoidant, but now is so grateful he is able to share his heart freely.

Because love IS my desire?

I choose Romantic Friendships.

Say “No” to LOVE?

Not on your life!

I’d rather say “No” to monogamy!

How about you? Could you really take someone you love like this and unilaterally tell them you’re performing a downgrade, or are you like me and once you love someone you couldn’t possibly give them any less?

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