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I’m Here To Think For You

Love is a truly amazing thing.

Such a wonderful, fulfilling feeling.

When it comes over you it’s like a summer shower.

It fills you with happiness and bliss.

There really isn’t a better feeling in the world than when you come to love your lover. When you do there’s nothing else that matters to you anymore.

As you may or may not know however?

This is also love’s greatest danger.

It lifts you up beyond reality.

It makes you start thinking love is all there is.

How could there be anything wrong with wanting to capture this feeling forever? What else could make sense than to give your love to this one person always and forever more?

So you start to imagine you should be with your lover.

365 days a year and 24/7.

You should be each other’s everything.

Shape all your plans and hopes around him or her.

But sadly as a dating coach of mine once said,

“The moment you ‘fall in love?'”

“Fifty percent of your intelligence has just left your body.”

You completely stop using that ticker of yours and you begin to go with nothing at all but your feelings. More accurately you would have to say that FANTASY becomes your guide.

But unlike in the fairytales you’ve heard?

In real life the evil witch ALWAYS wins it.

Why is that?

Because reality bites!

Over and over and over again.

You see the real world is a very insistent thing and the way your psychology works is not going to change here.

That’s why I sound like your cranky old dad.

Telling you what you don’t want to hear all the time.

Because somebody has got to knock sense into you!

Hopefully before it’s too late.

I recently watched a mini series on the American revolution called John Adams. It was the story of how John Adams and Thomas Jefferson laid the intellectual foundations for US independence.

Right near the end?

A scene really stood out to me.

Someone was discussing things with Adams at the end of his life.

The man said, “Sir, many others fought and bled.”

“But you and Mr Jefferson THOUGHT for us.”

That’s why I’m here laying the foundations for this Romantic Friendships REVOLUTION. I’m here to think for you too so you’ll know how to win this battle of love you’re in.

How do you feel when I say what I say?

Does it push against what you’re WANTING?

Does it make SENSE to you nonetheless?

Perhaps there’s a hint in there!

A sign you should pay attention.

Take heed to the thinking I’ve done for you.

If you follow what I say?

It will revolutionize YOUR love life too.

What say you my friends? Is your desire for love worth doing battle against the fate nature has planned for you and will you follow me and forge out your own love life independence instead?

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