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If You’re A “Strong Woman” You Don’t Need Commitment

Another Facebook friend share today.

This one about guys being unwilling to commit to you.

As the story goes, the reason they don’t?

They are imtimidated by “strong women.”

“Grown men don’t sabatage their relationships and run away from commitment. They stay and fight for an everlasting love.”

So says the meme my friend was sharing.

Of course as you might suspect?

My friend isn’t a male.

I’ve told you girls many times.

Commitment isn’t about love.

It just about reproduction.

Just like guys are wired to be out for sex? You are wired to want to pop out and nurture at least a couple babies before you’re done..

If a guy won’t commt?

He’s not for you.

Not because he won’t love you though.

Because he won’t PROVIDE for you.

The challenge you face is you confuse the two, and start assuming when a guy won’t commit, he’s actually afraid to.

If he is smart?

That’s partially correct.

But not in the way you’re thinking.

Since commitment will KILL your love?

He’s afraid because he knows that will happen.

As soon as you get that committed relationship you want, the clock starts ticking on your love’s life support system.

Once the kids are there as well?

You focus on them.

He focuses on his mission.

You drift apart.

But the kids will mask the fact for a long time, so that you don’t even see what’s happening. By the time you realize it will be too late.

The truth is, your love will leave you.

Don’t let that happen.

If you’re REALLY strong?

You DON’T need commitment!

How about it? Will you finally admit that you don’t need commitment for a guy to truly love you, and give up on Nature’s plan so your love will have a fighting chance for the both of you?

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