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If You’re A Girl You Shouldn’t Trust Yourself

Okay girls, it’s lesson time.

Time to understand your female psychology.

Why despite all your positive vibes?

You are a danger to yourself.

What I’m talking about is the well known statistic, that it is YOU who cause all the breakups. It is a well known fact that 65% of all divorces are instigated by you.

“Maybe so!” you say.

“But it’s because HE became a problem.”

He wouldn’t communicate.

Wouldn’t connect.

He was totally emotionally unavailable to you.

A recent study of the United Kingdom Office for National Statistics questions your interpretation. This time, they eliminated males from the picture, but got the same results.

How did they do that?

By studying the marriages of same sex couples.

With only homosexual marriage in view?

The girls still had the higher divorce rates than the guys.

What this shows is that as a girl, you are much more likely to reach a point of relationship discontentment. Because of your more emotional nature, you become more easily disappointed or BORED.

While a guy can float along quite content?

You always need things to be changing.

If there isn’t new emotional weather all the time?

You think there’s something wrong.

This is why I write a lot of posts about how you should be open to having a polyamorous boyfriend. Romantic Friendships eliminates your natural tendency to take your relationship for granted.

The truth is?

To really be happy?

You need a bit of uncertainty.

You need to know that guy of yours?

He can be and often WILL be with someone else.

I know you think this is crazy, and that it will make you neurotic or want to leave him. But from a psychological perspective, the opposite is actually true.

Attraction remains when you don’t HAVE your love.

It departs when your love becomes domesticated.

If you want to stay in love long term?

Love your partner with an open hand.

What do you think girls? Is it really a good idea to try to “have and hold” him, or is it in your best interest in the long run, for him to be with other girls too?

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