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If You Want To Be Happy Don’t Get Married (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series If You Want To Be Happy Don’t Get Married

You girls wonder why guys won’t commit?

Maybe you should expand your reading.

The more you read?

The more you know why it isn’t worth either of your time.

As a first offering for your education, take a look at the Psychology Today article called Is Women’s Sexual Experience More Important Than Men’s?

What does this article suggest?

Sure enough!

As always?

You’re the complicated one.

Both you guys’ and girls’ satisfaction with your relationship is related to your sexual experiences. But as always, it’s the “complicated” partner whose experience impacts things the most.

Do guys care how well you kiss?

Not particularly.

If you think his kiss is bad though?

You have trouble engaging sexually.

Even the smell of his mouth and breath has a direct correlation to your interest. If he doesn’t get this kissing thing right, it can affect your sexual interest in him for YEARS.

And how about those orgasms?

Apparently they too are affected.

His bodily symmetry and immune variance to you?

They can influence whether or not you climax.

And when it comes to just plain old sexual desire itself, this is no laughing matter. It is a well known and documented fact that you girls lose desire for sex over time.


Over time here?

We’re not talking about three or four DECADES.

After a YEAR or so you’re basically through with him frequently.

How do the guys compare on all this, and is their overall experience problematic? Nope. Guys are totally simple and chill. so it appears their only problem is YOU.

What this all translates to?

He’s better off not to “commit” to you.

You’re better off if he doesn’t as well.

To keep your interest?

Romantic Friendships really DO make the most sense!

What do you think? Do you want him to “commit” to you so in about a year you won’t desire him, or should he just enjoy his connection with you in a way that will make it last indefinitely?

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