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If You Want Love You Have To Get Out Of The Way

“I was lying to myself!”

She said this when I asked her why she ever chose to be in a relationship with me.

You see she was a hard core monogamy girl.

She wanted monogamy and I wouldn’t give it to her.

I don’t do monogamy anymore.

The scales have fallen from my eyes and I’ve seen the light.

The light that is so statistically obvious it is amazing how you continue to hide it from yourself.

But you do.

Just like this girl did…and continues to do as far as I can tell.

But even though she was a true believer in monogamy, she chose to be in a relationship with me anyway.


It’s simple.

She loved me.

And I loved her.

She wanted me more than she wanted her ideology of monogamy.

And as long as our love was what she was focusing on?

Everything was wonderful.

But belief systems die hard.

So eventually her ideology gained the upper hand.

And our relationship now became a “problem.”

Instead of recognizing she was lying to herself that monogamy works, she came to believe instead she was lying to herself that we could work.

And suddenly we didn’t.

At least not for her.

You see it wasn’t that we weren’t “working.”

We were.

We were experiencing an ongoing connection that was wonderful and easy and nice.

The only thing that changed was she could no longer see herself being with someone non-monogamous.

I’ve said it many, many times.

The real reason you don’t have love in your life is you don’t want it.

You want something else and that something else is getting in the way.

This girl had someone who loved her.

She had real love in her life.

But she chose to walk away from it because what she really wanted wasn’t love at all. What she wanted was an ideology of how love has to come packaged.

Since the love she was experiencing wasn’t “packaged right?”

She chose NO love over real love.

You see real love is trying to come into your life every day.

You are the only one in its way.

The question is, at what point are you going to finally recognize this?

When are you going to choose romantic love over everything else?

Romantic love really is just a heartbeat away.

But you have to get out of the way so it can enter into you.

You need to stay out of the way so love can stay alive within you too.

How about you? Are you ready to get out of the way so you can experience romantic love with anyone you feel it for?

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