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If You Like A Girl At A Vancouver Meetup Group Be Sure To Ask Her Father

I definitely feel a series brewing here.

I just got an email about a new Meetup group that’s happening.

In it the organizers made it very clear.

I’ts not a place to “hook-up or find a date” if that’s what you’re after.

I found this odd because the meetup group is called Vancouver Singles Meetup Group. It’s part of a larger group apparently called The Best Way To Meet Singles.

So if this is not for dating or hooking up?

What exactly IS this group intended for?

It is “just a social gathering for singles to meet other singles face to face.”

Okay but still.

For what purpose?

Usually when I think of a SINGLES group, I think of what most singles are thinking. “I’m single and I’d really like to meet someone, because I’d eventually enjoy being in a relationship.”

No that’s not the only motivation of course.

But it is usually a prevalent one.

But this apparently is the new TABOO in the Meetup world.

At least on the Vancouver Meetup scene.

Heaven forbid adults want to date singles they’re meeting!

Today instead, the purpose of the Meetup organizer?

It’s to function as its members’ DADDY.

If the only point is just to get together and “have a good time,” why not call it Vancouver Fun Times or some such nonsense? Why emphasize the “single” thing at all, if your intention is to prevent something singles are so obviously wanting?

This reminds me of what a comedian said once.

“Going to a strip club is the definition of frustration.”

“Go sit in a crowd and watch girls get naked.”

“Then not be able to do anything about it!”

While singles are not primarily just “out for sex?”

They certainly are interested in romantic potential.

As I read this group’s description I found myself wondering if the organizers will also be handing out Bibles. And while you’re at it maybe, chastity belts would round things out nicely!

Participation in events is “not mandatory” they say.


When I join a Meetup group?

I always assume I HAVE to attend.

Surely this is not about my personal agency?

But I do see I will be able to “win some great prizes along the way!” Is it possible some people see this as worth giving up their freedom as adults, to manage their own social lives?

Needless to say I’ll be passing on this one.

More and more if you want to meet a girl now?

Apparently you’ll just have to go for her looks by approaching her “cold.”

Getting to know her as a person through a Meetup first?

That no longer seems to be an option.

What do you think? Is the Meetup system turning into a Puritan cult with this emphasis on trying to protect you from each other, and is it time to just take a pass and start learning how to meet girls (or guys) in your day to day life instead of this nonsense?

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