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If You Like A Girl At A Vancouver Meetup Group Be Sure To Ask Her Father (Part 3)

Well I really got sucked in when I signed up for this one.

Their main page said nothing about it.

It just expressed how they are an “inclusive” group.

One made up of locals and international travelers.

The group was called Top Things To Do In Vancouver and to me it looked pretty innocent. A place to meet people casually, and enjoy getting to know people you’re interested in.

Silly me.

Did I forget where I am?

Where is this meetup located?

That’s right Vancouver!

Heaven forbid a meetup group could be started in this place, that assumed it’s attendees are adults and not children. People capable of deciding for themselves, who they do and do not want to get to know deeper.

But I signed up because the signs were good.

Nothing in their copy about preventing “pickup or dating.”

But when I received the welcome email?

I realized yet again it was written by “Daddy.”

What Daddy had written as his welcome to us all, were “the rules” by which the meetup would function. True to form, what Daddy clearly conveyed was he will indeed definitely be watching us.

In Rule 3 the paternalism was on full display.

“We are not a dating site.”

“Guys are prohibited from asking girls for personal contact info.”

Not only that, but “sending messages” to them is also a complete no no.

I found myself amused as I read this rule, because apparently the girls can ask me for MY contact info? And they are free to message me too if they want, even if that makes ME uncomfortable?

Of course in asking this?

I’m being totally tongue in cheek about it.

Any guy in his right mind?

He’d never say “No” to this would he?

It’s only you girls who haven’t grown up yet, so you need a Meetup organizer to “protect” you. As I told you long ago, you should really stay home, and let your real father find you a husband!

Alas in Vancouver the trend continues.

The infantilization of the adult female.

The girl who is so terrified of guys?

She still needs her Daddy to protect her from them.

What do you say girls? You keep telling us you’re “empowered” now and can do anything that a guy can, but when it comes to something as simple as this do we still need to ask your father’s permission?

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