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If You Like A Girl At A Vancouver Meetup Group Be Sure To Ask Her Father (Part 2)

In Part 1 what did I introduce you to?

The infantalization of the Vancouver female.

The new belief in the Vancouver Meetup world?

It’s the organizer’s job to protect her.

Exhibit B in our expose was a Meetup called Flying Solo – Social Group for Single People. This now defunct group was for “single people” once again in the Greater Vancouver area.

What was the purpose of this group?

To “empower” single people.

As you’ll see once again that’s not the case.

Not if you consider being an ADULT empowered.

The fine print started to reveal itself as you got into the group marketing copy. They said it becomes “a lot more enjoyable if socializing becomes the priority than feeling pressured into thinking” you have to “meet someone special at the party.”

So meeting someone special was out?

That sure seemed to be the group’s modus operandi.

Even though someone would introduce you to others if you like.

And even though you were encouraged to mingle.


To reassure you girls that you would always have Daddy’s protection, a special “Ladies only” table would be provided. That way you could chit chat with other girls before you mingled that night.

And don’t you worry, because after that?

You also wouldn’t be subjected to any awkward male/female introductions.

You’d never be pressured to meet ANYONE.

You wouldn’t even have to talk to them.

Just in case you’ve missed the message, you were told that this meetup is female-friendly because they knew how attending events or walking into a bar/club can be very “nerve wracking.”

If you were a “single lady” on her own?

You’d be very welcome and “supported.”

If you felt uncomfortable with what anyone says or does?

Daddy would be there to take care of you.

Of course we all know without it being said, exactly who was being anticipated as “the problem.” It’s those dastardly predatory males who would like to meet a girl, who need to be kept under control!

Just as I told you in my first installment?

I chose to take a pass on this one.

I’m interested in getting to know grown adult girls.

Not girls for whom I need their Father’s permission to say hello to them.

How about you guys? Do you still attend Meetups with this kind of paternalist fervor, or like myself do you avoid places that try to “protect” girls from you?

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