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If You Don’t Know How To Feel You’re Not Intelligent

The world out there largely consists of two kinds of people.

Those who FEEL.

Those who THINK.

They both feel/think the other one is missing out.

If you’re a feeler then your primary objective is to completely enjoy reality. You spend most of your time seeking ever more expansive experiences.

If you are a thinking type?

You live in the world of your mind and its concepts.

You want to understand reality.

Your objective is to align yourself with what is.

Your problem as a thinking type though is you don’t actually enjoy much of anything. Since you spend all your time trying to understand life you don’t actually live.

I hear you feelers shout, “That’s right!”

“What’s the point if you miss out on everything?”

Before you get too excited (as you feelers do) though?

You need to look in the mirror too.

Because you spend no time understanding it you keep bumping up against reality. As a feeler you are not seeking genuine experiences you’re just chasing fantasies.

What usually happens for both these types?

Eventually you start to learn your lesson.

As a feeler you wise up from getting burned.

As a thinker you start to crave color in your life.

This is a very dangerous moment because if you’re not careful you’ll pull a 180. As a burned feeler you’ll start to close yourself up and as an emotionally starved thinker you’ll go off the experiential deep end.

What I’m trying to show you here?

It’s how to strike this balance in your love life.

Romantic love is all about how you feel of course.

But you have to approach it intelligently.

What happens to you in your love life is you keep chasing fantasies and bumping into reality. If you’re not doing that you’re playing the avoidant and won’t open yourself up to love.

Romantic Friendships remove the fantasies.

They are consistent with your natural wiring.

They allow you to enjoy the feelings of love.

While avoiding the pitfalls everyone else is encountering.

How about you? Are you ready to experience rich fulfilling love by getting real about your love life or will you continue to get burned again and again by chasing fantasies or shutting yourself down?

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