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If Only I Just Wanted To Get Laid

My relationship life is complicated.

When talking to a friend about it?

I made the shape of a gun with my hand.

Then I took some shots at my foot.

I read an article just now from a guy who gets laid regularly using Tinder. With the easy little system he has down he is able to find girls for sex in minutes anytime.

The reason this works for him?

The DTF girls all hang out on Tinder.

Most girls see it as a hookup app.

They are up for sex and nothing else.

Tinder is such a crazy place when you compare it to Match or the other dating sites. Trying to find a girl who’ll even take the time to meet up with you from these other sites is just a joke.

And even if she does meet up?

She’s usually looking for commitment.

She wants a fairy tale princess story.

Her “one and only” is what she seeks.

The funny thing with me of course is I want a similar type of connection. I just don’t want that connection to come with all the baggage that she wants.

So far though?

I can’t seem to find the site I’m actually looking for.

You know the one I’m speaking of right?

Where Romantic Friendships are what is sought?

If it weren’t for the fact I know I’d be disappointed with just getting laid I would probably do Tinder. It’s so much easier finding a match when you’re both looking for the same thing.

But all the DTF girls?

They’re the ones I hear from later.

After they’ve burned out their youth getting laid?

They’re frustrated they only attract emotionally unavailable guys.

Always with me I recognize I am looking for the rare and unique ones. The girls who desire romantic connection but want to remain independent as well.

That’s what Romantic Friendshps are.

A way to just enjoy romantic connection.

Instead of hooking up?

You’re CONNECTING UP instead.

Finding your way between the Scylla And Charybdis.

How about you? Are you tired of the emptiness of hooking up and just want to enjoy romantic love without burying yourself in anybody else’s life?

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