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If Love Came Into Your Life Would You Recognize It?

What if love came into your life?

But you didn’t recognize it?

The reason you completely missed it when it came?

It didn’t come packaged the way you want.

All your life you’ve been told you should wait for Prince Charming. How were you supposed to know he would show up looking like a frog?

What do you think he SHOULD look like?

Someone offering you monogamous “commitment” obviously.

The last thing you were expecting of him?

That he would end up polyamorous!

How could love arrive for you in a form that defies your expectations? And how could love expect you to know THIS is what you were actually waiting for?

The first hint that love has arrived?

If you’re not paying close attention you’ll completely miss it.

It will NEVER come on to you forcefully.

The truth is?

It won’t make any fanfare at all.

But didn’t they always tell you that true love would completely overwhelm you? If he doesn’t sweep you off your feet, could he possibly be “the one?”

The problem is?

That story of “the one” is the REAL deception.

Instead of making you open to love?

It teaches you to reject it when it comes.

Love is not the monogamous fantasy dream life you have always longed for. Instead it is an actual encounter with a real living person, in the here and now.

It doesn’t REQUIRE a thing of you.

Especially not “commitment.”

It asks of you something much more challenging still.

That you simply have a heart that is open to love.

When you finally learn to let go of all your childhood fantasies, love can finally find you. But be very careful that you don’t fail to recognize it when it does.

Because love is completely unbecoming?

It will sadly defer to your indifference.

If you fail to open yourself up to it?

It will slip through your grasp and be gone.

How about you? Have you been closing yourself off to love, because it didn’t come to you the way you were expecting, and will you finally let go of the “dream,” and simply open up your heart?

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