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If It Wasn’t For That Damned Alcohol!

The past few weeks?

I’ve had some experiences.

It’s been with girls I’m really liking.


That doesn’t mean I want “just friends.”

It means I don’t really know them yet.

The first encounter I told you about, was with a girl I met at a meetup. She arrived that night quite inebriated, so she wasn’t exactly herself that evening.

Before the night was through?

It was pretty clear I could have had sex with her.

Most guys would have jumped at the chance.

Why not?

She clearly wants it right?

That of course is not my style, and not just because she was inebriated. That was a very important factor, but I also didn’t really know her yet.

So the other night?

I had yet another such experience.

This girl said she wasn’t drunk.

Just feeling a bit “tipsy.”

She didn’t put out the offer to have sex at all, so this time was a bit more innocent. She just came up to me in the meetup and stood by me, and then seemed to deliberately press her body against me.

Did I like this?

Of course I did!

I’m a guy so what’s not to like about that?

I wanted to put my hand on her hip.

Pull her in much closer.

What I actually did instead though, was keep my hands at my sides, and completely behaved myself with her. I knew the damned alcohol was totally getting in the way yet again.

What am I so uptight about?

Why am I not taking advantage of these situations?

Because when I’m still getting to know a girl like this?

I don’t want to put the cart before the horse with her.

Anybody in their right mind would agree, these girls are definitely attracted to me. If anything, once alcohol is involved, it becomes the great revealer of true desire.

But damn it!

That’s is NOT what I want.

I want a totally sober girl to express her desire for me!

I want her to get to know me first.

I want THAT to be what she’s wanting.

Being a good little Christian boy, these types of environments are quite new to me. No, I don’t have any problem keeping my hands to myself, or navigating these situations.

Having kicked my porn addiction?

I’m in control of myself now, and very happy about it.

Hopefully if I hang out long enough?

These girls will feel the difference.

Come to desire the real me.

Instead of letting the alcohol direct them.

What do you think girls? If a guy doesn’t take advantage when you throw yourself at him, because he is self controlled and doesn’t have to, does that turn you off, or does it actually increase your desire for him?

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