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I Would Never Want Kel For A Relationship Coach!

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I know it’s hard for you to believe?

But I’ve heard this more than once now.

Especially from you girls who’ve read my blog.

I can’t imagine what makes you feel this way about me.

After all I’m always the epitome of sensitivity and gentleness here. I never say anything that would clearly offend you so I just don’t understand this.

Naturally I’m just messing with you.

Of course I know what gives you this impression.

You don’t like the way I “say it like it is.”

If I think something I just tell you.

I’m sure a lot of you girls don’t even get past my blog post titles which are deliberately designed to shock you. They are meant to make you go, “What?!!!” in hopes you’ll get curious enough to actually read what I’m writing.

But then when you read?

Things only get worse!

Instead of toning it down?

I keep calling you out and chiding you!

What girl in her right mind would subject herself to this endless barrage of criticism? Surely you have more self esteem than to actually book a consulting session with me!

But what I’m told by the girls who have?

They were actually very GLAD they did so.

They tell me in person I’m nothing like how I write.


Wonder why THAT could be?

Could it be because on my blog I’m trying to shake your tree in hopes I get your attention? Could I be trying to wake you up from your slumber by saying things that nobody else will tell you?

But listen to what JUST ONE female client of mine said:

“In just one session you really really opened my eyes.”

“You helped me see what I couldn’t see on my own.”

“The real issue I’m dealing with in myself.”

“I’m really grateful for you.”

She went on to say, “I really haven’t found someone who can see so clearly through me like you did. That meant a lot to me. I felt supported. Understood. And loved! You also made me feel safe.”

“You helped me understand myself better.”

“Embrace my dark side.”

“To get out of toxic relationships and stop attracting them.”

“And I totally want to work with you more…”

So what do you think? Are you sure that I’d be the horrible relationship consultant you’re visualizing here or could my online bark possible be worse than my in person bite will be?

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