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I Would Never Want Kel For A Relationship Coach! (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series I Would Never Want Kel For A Relationship Coach!

So let’s pretend beyond all possible belief?

You actually accept from Part 1 what I’m saying.

That I’m really a pussy cat in person.

That you will come away believing I love you!

Still isn’t there an even more glaring reason yet, why it simply would not be appropriate for you, to book a consulting session with me?

I mean aren’t I Mr Polyamory and all?

Aren’t I always pushing Romantic Friendships?

Then why would you consult with someone like me?

Aren’t I just going to try to steer you in that direction?

Here too, you haven’t really been listening to me, if you think THAT’S how I will approach your relationship challenges. I’m totally aware that most people won’t follow me, in leaving your love life more open like this.

But as I’ve also told you before?

I’m NOT into polyamory.

What I’m all about is romantic love.

What does it take to help it flourish?

Yes, I think my full blown Romantic Friendships approach is the absolute best way to do things, if romantic love is what you’re wanting. But as with most things, there are always different levels from which you can approach the romantic love question.

I was monogamously married and even raised kids.

So I have a lot of experience I can share about that one.

I’ve even told you how to make monogamy work.

One of my favorite authors is a pro-monogamy psychologist!

I’ve even shared a way to have a single romantic friendship, that avoids a lot of the problems, even though you’re still monogamous.

So despite what you might think?

I understand what you’re facing now.

When I work with you?

We work from YOUR values, not mine.

The truth is things aren’t as different as you think they are, once what you’re talking about is actual RELATIONSHIPS. Minus a few tweaks, relationships work the same way, whether or not you’re talking monogamy or non-monogamy.

Whatever your relationship challenge is?

I know that I can help you!

Take me for a spin, and see if you like me!

Let’s get started NOW!

How about you? Are you ready to take the plunge, and give this crazy relationship consultant a try now, and let me show you that I can help you, whether or not you are monogamous or non-monogamous?

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