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I Was A Fashion Rebel (Part 2)

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“You live in Yaletown with the precocious people!”

I laughed when she said this.


Because she’s a country bumpkin herself.

Definitely not a Yaletown girl!

She and I met many years ago and had a brief 3 month relationship. Now quite a few years later in Vancouver, we attempted to reconnect again.

Though that wasn’t meant to be?

It was really good to see her.

And despite that comment about Yaletown people?

It was SHE who complemented me on my shoes!

She did this when I came to watch a performance by her blue grass band at the Kino. It happened at a moment we were talking and a speaker at the event was wearing runners up on stage.

“See his shoes?” she said.

“That is really tacky.”

“But those shoes you are wearing right now?”

“They are top notch and stylish too.”

“Now who is the precocious one?” I thought, but of course I didn’t say so. What she was telling me though, is even country bumpkin girls appreciate fashion after all!

I’ve had this experience more than once.

LOTS of girls have given me compliments.

Even the other day at a Myers Briggs meetup?

An intelligent INTJ girl told me, “I really like your shoes.”

I proceeded to let her know that in typical INTJ fashion, my shoes are totally calculated. I learned from a fashion consultant years ago, that shoes are actually your BASE when dressing.

If you have good shoes on?

Girls will see you as more attractive.

Even though you’re dressed frumpy otherwise?

They will still think you have good taste anyway!

This is why I’m telling you guys – especially you introverted guys – that you really need to pay attention to this. Whether you think it’s “fair” or not, this will influence what girls think of you.

Naturally you’re a really great guy!

Of course they should love your personality!

But if you don’t help them give you a chance?

They may never get to know that about you!

What do you think guys? Could you shill out a hundred dollars or two to score you a pair of Oxfords, and is that an unnecessary expense or is it a good investment in your love life?

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