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I Really Like A Girl With Big Ones

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I’m talking about brains of course!

What were YOU guys thinking?

On the physical front you should know by now?

My preference is not her bosom.

But what I’m actually saying here is I really love a girl when she’s intelligent. The more that gray matter of hers is firing, the more she does it for me.

I laughed to myself the other day.

I was visiting with a buddy.

When I told him about this girl I met.

He became more and more incredulous.

I told him how when she and I first met up, we spent literally hours talking. We covered everything from political theory to philosophy and yes…relationships.

You should have seen his face!

It was like I had a disease or something.

Since he tends to major in party girls?

I guess his reaction shouldn’t have surprised me.

While it may be hard for a lot of you guys to understand, there are actually quite a few of us who are sapiosexual. We get turned on more by what’s between her ears, than what’s between her legs and other places.

Don’t get me wrong though.

The full course meal is still on the menu.

It’s just that with us introverted types?

Unlike you, we don’t put the cart before the horse in our love lives!

What we are about is getting to know a girl for who she is, and for a whole lot more than only what she’s physically got on offer. But once we make this deeper connection? Trust me, it is definitely on at that point!

And believe me as an intelligent guy?

There is nothing I find more sexy!

When this type of girl comes into her own.

She is eagerness personified!

So the next time you see that intelligent girl and find yourself feeling sorry for her or thinking that she’s dorky? Take a step back and realize, she’s just running camouflage on you.

No I didn’t say commando!

But I’m not saying that won’t be coming.

Those sweet introverted intelligent girls?

They are just little sex kittens hiding out on you!

What do you think? Have you been underestimating those introverted intelligent sweet girls thinking they have nothing to offer, and after what I’ve said here are you ready to go back to school and let them teach you a thing or two?

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