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I Really Like A Girl With Big Ones (Part 3)

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series I Really Like A Girl With Big Ones

So last time what girl was I focused on?

Someone discouraged with her LACK of endowments.

This time the girl I want to share with you?

She feels like God “blessed” her with way too much.

This has never been a problem of course with most of the guys in her life who know her. The night I began to discuss this with her, a guy had just hit on her about her breasts.

That’s right, and apparently?

He thought he was some kind of Casanova.

He told her she was “beautiful as an angel.”

And then he added, “with a demonically tempting chest.”

I don’t know where they find these guys, but please don’t be one of these losers. No girl is going to take an interest in you if your opener essentially says, “I want to get in your pants.”

Oh and that’s another thing?

She’s also been a major “dick pick” recipient.

When she asked me not to send her one?

I assured her that is “not my style.”

In contrast to “Mr Romeo” there, I had spent the past several weeks getting to know her. We met through a Facebook group right when the whole Corona Virus “pandemic” hit.

When she asked a question in that group?

I offered to chat with her about it privately.

We did a video chat that very first night.

That’s when our online friendship began.

Over the next several weeks, we spent more and more time just getting to know each other. True to form as it always goes with me, the more I got to know her the more my affection for her grew.

At one point she sent me a pic herself.

We were talking about Lulu Lemons.

When I mentioned a friend’s appreciation of those?

She sent me a pic of her yoga pants clad legs.

Then I made a bit of a bold move for me and said, “I was wondering when you’d be showing some ass to me.” She responded saying, “Well that could add some tension to this friendship.”

I chose not to say anything next.

But when she sent the hot pic of her body?

I knew I was in the clear with her.

“Tension in a good way?” I said,

She replied, “Perhaps.”

And yes, we’ve had a nice “tension” since then, but it was based in our already thriving connection. And just like little miss “no endowments” from last time, it has totally been a sapiosexual thing.

Would I ever have said what I said to this latest girl?

Not if I hadn’t already come to know and love her.

Because of our clear “meeting of minds?”

I chose to push it to the next level then.

What do you think? Could you come to know and love a girl without being all concerned about her physical endowments, and could you keep the cart before the horse by getting to know her as a person first?

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