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I Really Like A Girl With Big Ones (Part 2)

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She shared a picture in a Facebook group.

She was in a loose top and leaning over.

One of the other girls commented.

“If I did that I’d be falling right out!”

The first girl replied saying she had always felt self conscious of how small she is in that department. When she saw girls like the second girl she always felt jealous of them.

I quickly piped up and said,

“Big boobs are totally overrated.”

“Myself? What I prefer?”

“Girls with OTHER assets,” I told her

The first girl replied to me admitting she definitely had always been blessed with no lack of booty. I gave her a three heart emoji vote letting her know her assets definitely worked for me!

What was amazing to me though?

How this girl was impacted by this insecurity.

She is totally wonderful and beautiful.

But she was still doing the ugly duckling thing.

Unfortunately for me (and her?) she lives way far across the continent. While Jersey is far enough away from Vancouver, Florida is definitely so exponentially!

Of course another small detail with her?

There is the matter of the husband!

While I would be totally willing to share?

I’m pretty sure the monogamy thing would get in the way!

To top off my misery, this girl even did a Facebook Live indicating she is sapiosexual. She said when a guy is intelligent it totally turns her on.

Are you introverted guys catching on yet?

Being introverted is definitely your superpower.

A big part of why that actually is?

Because it comes along with intelligence!

Just like the big ones you like about her are her brains, she also loves it when you’ve got a big one that’s throbbing. The more your brain is putting out, the more she wants to put out for you!

Give me a girl with big ones?

I’ll show you a girl who likes my big one!

That intelligent introverted girl is for me.

I’ll leave those haughty and insecure ones for you!

What do you say guys? Have you also been discounting your assets and feeling inadequate, or are you beginning to realize just how many girls will actually be into you?

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