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I Really Don’t Envy You

As I look at a lot of you girls’ lives?

I really don’t envy you.

As you go about your days?

So many of you show yourselves to be such a hot mess.

All because of emotion.

How it rules your existence.

How it makes you miserable in it’s wake.

I know many of you must look at a guy like me and think, “He sure doesn’t know what he’s missing.”

And it’s true.

I’m an INTJ.

I don’t experience real emotional highs.

The ones you more feely types say make life worth living.

But what I lack in experiential bliss?

I make up for in stability and strength.

And THAT is a very good thing.

I go about my day to day life in perpetual relative peace. Life just doesn’t toss me around the way it always seems to do for you.

There is also another secret to my little life of non-tumultuousness.

It is not as lacking in emotion as you think.

I experience positive emotion quite regularly.

Because I take pleasure in the simple things?

I experience a peaceful contentment most of the time.

While you are off chasing your dopamine highs?

I bask in the calmness of ENOUGH.

Enough is really a great place to live.

Like the calm within the storm.

Life can get pretty crazy with it’s pressures and stresses and demands, if you don’t learn how to let it all pass like the afternoon squall it is.

But if you are going to do THAT?

You have to be okay.

Learn to do without.

Pass on all those amazing highs.

The ones that THRILL and EXCITE you.

They take their toll in your overall self-control and your ability to process life in a way that makes it EASY.

They just aren’t worth the price.


Emotion is a wonderful thing.

But only when it is served in tiny doses.

In that way it will indeed nurture you.

In a way you desire and truly need.

It’s when you cling to it, try to ramp it up, that it turns on you and let’s you down. You just weren’t made to live on the mountain top all of the time.

Buddhism has this part right.

Whatever you grasp?

Try to hold forever?

It escapes you.

When you learn to let go though?

That’s when contentment finally finds you.

A peaceful life is one where you hold life’s pleasures with an open hand. This includes love…ESPECIALLY love.

This most precious gift of all life’s treasures?

It’s the one thing that will elude you if you try to grasp it tight.

So take a page from this stable guy’s book.

Try contentment on for size instead.

You might just grow to like it.

I know it will definitely be good to you!

What do you think? Is there something to be said for giving up on those highs for the peace you can have instead of them?

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