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I Love You Because You’re Perfectly Imperfect

A lot of you girls?

You focus on your imperfections.

You fail to see the beauty.

The uniqueness that is totally you.

What’s funny about this phenomenon, is often it’s the things you love least about yourself that are endearing. I can’t tell you girls how many times one of your imperfections has made me fall in love with you.

That turned up nose.

That cheekiness.

With some of my Asian girls?

Your imperfect English.

In every way the things you think are so problematic and wish you could change? They are the very things that are going wrap you around the heart of that guy you’re looking for.

This blog post was inspired by a friend.

She is an online relationship coach.

She was sharing how a client of hers?

She needed to learn this lesson.

She says the key to breaking this cycle is to ask yourself, “Where is the beauty?” Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, start to focus on the things you do.

When her client did this?

She stopped thinking about disliked body parts.

She started to notice compliments instead.

In her case she lost her migraines.

Imagine that!

But I want to push you further on this, because I think you’re underestimating your imperfections. The very things you dislike about yourself, are gonna be somebody’s endearment.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Not the eye of the beholden.

Who are you to tell that guy?

“You can’t love me for that!”

The truth is, you are so lovable it brings me to tears that you just can’t see it. I hope and pray that one day your eyes will be opened.

You are beautiful in so many way.

Your uniqueness is insurmountable.

Go out there with confidence.

Lots of guys are going to fall in love with you!

What do you think girls? Do you think you are doing yourself any favors focusing on the negative, or is it time to just accept that you’re beautiful and perfectly imperfect just being you?

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