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I Just Found Out I Have Yellow Fever!

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I met her at a meetup a while ago.

Our connection was immediate.

We talked and talked for over an hour.

Neither of us noticed the time go by.

She is a really cute sweet Korean girl, who has only been two months in Vancouver. By the time the evening ended, I knew I had to get to know this girl more.

Our second get together?

It was a dessert adventure!

When I found out about her sweet tooth?

I had to share my favorite with her.

While we sat beside each other nibbling on a Montana’s mud pie, I enjoyed nibbling on her mind to learn even more about her.

She shared a concern she has.

One that’s shown up since she came to Vanvouver.

She’s trying to figure out how to discern.

Does a guy like her, or is it just yellow fever?

I’d never heard that term before, so needless to say I found it intriguing. She proceeded to tell me how caucasian guys go to English Language meetups, just to pick up Asian girls.


Couldn’t say I misunderstood the motivation.

I told her I’m hugely attracted to Asian girls too.

(Hint. Hint. You!)

Doesn’t mean I want to “pick them up” though.

I explained to her there is nothing wrong with “yellow fever,” since all it is about is attraction. The question isn’t whether a guy’s into how you look, but whether he’s interested in nothing else about you.

The important thing?

Is he into you for more that JUST attraction.

Is he genuinely interested in who you are?

Or does he just want to “get in your pants?”

In no uncertain terms I was sitting with her that day, because I found her attractive. But part of what attracted me was the connection we had already experienced at that meetup that day. I wanted more.

Of course it doesn’t hurt she is also a quirky girl.

I’m still exploring where this one goes.

Will our connection evolve into a romantic friendship?

That will depend on how we both feel.

How about you? Do you suffer from “yellow fever,” or some other form of “fatal attraction,” and do you recognize it is important to be smarter than your DNA about it?

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