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I Just Found Out I Have Yellow Fever! (Part 2)

This entry is part 2 of 2 in the series I Just Found Out I Have Yellow Fever!

This was one of those serendipities.

I had just walked the seawall to the Science Centre.

My ultimate trajectory that day?

A hot dog and Diet Pepsi at Costo!

The weather was so sunny and beautiful that I took my time taking in the scenery. As I did, I documented my trip on Facebook for all of my friends to see.

When I arrived at the venue?

I took a minute to “relieve” myself!

The lineup for food was very thin.

I loaded the ketchup and mustard up shortly.

I ate my hot dog in relative silence, taking in a completely different kind of scenery. A cute, slim somewhat taller Asian girl was chowing down on her own hot dog across the way.

But she’s not who I’m writing about now.

It’s what happened after I finished.

Finally when one of the tables cleared.

I took my drink there and continued relaxing.

That’s when “they” arrived. The two guys who are here from Mexico taking in Vancouver. They asked if I was game to share my table and I told them, “Sure!”

As the three of us chatted?

I asked them lots of questions.

I laughed when they said our winters are hard.

They laughed when I said I was born in Alberta.

Not sure how we got onto the topic of girls, but as you know that’s sort of my favorite subject. As I discussed Vancouver’s rich ethinicity I admitted to them, “But those Japanese girls are the most cute!”

That’s when I found out.

They too have yellow fever!

Not only that?

They liked two cute Japanese girls at school.

When I asked them if they’d “made their move,” the taller of them admitted it. But he said that they are very shy, so his Latin forwardness caused them to freak.

I told him I had to agree with him.

Informed him of my own misadventures.

That despite my best efforts to date them?

I’ve so far failed to land one of these cuties too.

How about you? If you live in Vancouver do you agree with me this is cute Asian girl heaven, and would you also like to find a cure for your yellow fever too?

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