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I Have The Right To Change My Mind She Said

When she said this if I didn’t visibly flinch?

I really should have.

She was reiterating you girls’ constant claim.

That your emotions should lead your life.

She told me it doesn’t matter what she commited to before. If her feelings change she is entitled to change her mind with them.


Where have I heard this song before?

Oh yeah.

David Deida’s The Way Of The Superior Man.

He thinks your guy should buckle up.

Weather all your emotional storms for you.

No matter just how “bat shit crazy” you get?

It’s your guy’s JOB to accommodate your insecurities.

What made this discussion with the girl I mentioned particularly unnerving? The topic of discussion was a recent breakup I experienced.

This girl I was talking to found it quite irrelevant.

So my former partner had said my polyamory was okay?

That she had actually been okay with our relationship?

Over a time period of a full two years at that point?

So what?

All that mattered to this girl I was talking to?

That my partner had changed her mind NOW.

Apparently to chick logic that is a completely acceptable thing to do, even when you’ve agreed to be in a relationship of this sort.

Of course since I’m polyamorous?

The damage of such a shift is minimal.

My feelings hurt for a while as someone I love chooses to walk away.

Then I just go find someone else who will let me love her instead.

If I was in a long term monogamous relationship though?

The devastation of that shift would be fatal.

Guys lose their finances.

They lose their children.

All because you girls change your minds.

Do you girls not understand at all why so many guys today are choosing to “go their own way?” The MGTOW movement is based on the premise it is simply too dangerous to give you girls the keys to our kingdoms anymore.

We love you.

We want you in our lives.

But we can’t afford to risk ourselves to your self justifying variability.

Since you will change your mind whenever your emotions change?

We cannot give you the commitment you desire.

You don’t need commitment at all to have real love  in your life. And that’s what you really want anyway.

So the next time a guy won’t trust himself to you?

Give himself over to your ever changing emotional whim?


He also has the right NOT to change his mind.

Maintain his resolve not to let you change your mind to his detriment.

What do you think girls? Should a guy really risk his financial and emotional well being by handing them over to someone who affirms the right to change on a dime when her emotions change?

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