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I Don’t Know What Love Is

Even though she said this?

She knew something else.

What was that?

Polyamory was against her values.

I was in the middle of one of my usual experiences, where I’d been upfront and completely honest. I expressed my initial interest in her, but also made it clear how I configure my love life.

The normal monogamy reflexes?

They were showing in all their glory.

Even though she admitted,

“I don’t know what love is?”

Somehow she still was completely convinced.

She knew it could NOT include polyamory.

Naturally I didn’t say much then, because there’s no point in pushing against anyone’s paradigm. People who are convinced don’t change their minds, until reality forces a double take.

As if to add insult to injury though?

She then said, “I don’t feel mutual attraction.”

What had we earlier discussed as well?

The way you girls write guys off.

If you don’t instantly “feel it?”

You just conclude to yourself, ” I guess he’s NOT ‘romantic potential.'”

Here too of course, I wasn’t telling her I was in love with her. I was just interested in exploring a connection. Like most of you girls though, she was sure already about the “inevitable” outcome.


If you don’t know what love is?

How could you possibly know how to configure it?

How could you know pursuing “the one” makes sense?

That ANYBODY has “romantic potential?”

The very first thing you have to do, is understand what romantic love is. This is why I started this blog site by giving you my definition.

I have yet to hear anyone contradict what I’ve said.

That it’s the desire for sexual fulfillment AND emotional connection.

Once you know THIS?

Everything falls into place.

Until then?

You CAN’T determine “your values.”

You CAN’T decide if anyone has “romantic potential.”

Once you see what love actually is, it becomes quite obvious what is truly conducive to it. It also becomes painfully evident, why monogamy’s track record is so DISMAL.

Did I tell her any of this?

What was the point?

Her paradigm program was running.

The output was certain.

She already “knew what she knew.”

Even though she didn’t even know what love is.

What do you think? Can you actually have any idea whether someone is romantic potential or how love should look, when you don’t even know what love is, or should you step back and begin at the start, instead of starting at the conclusion?

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  1. David

    The normal monogamy reflexes? so you’re saying monogamy is normal?

    1. Kel Good

      The responses are normal in a person who is functioning with the paradigm of monogamy.

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