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I Can’t Believe I Was Seduced By A Pickup Artist!

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She was an attractive, intelligent girl with a successful career.

The type of person who commands respect.

Good natured and caring too.

She was as far from the quintessential, night club frequenting party girl as you could get.

Yet there she was.

Confessing to me.

She had indeed been seduced by a pickup artist.

Yes she had been drinking.

That always tends to reduce you girls’ inhibitions.

But it still took her by surprise.

At the time it happened she knew absolutely nothing about the seduction community.

That there is an online group of guys.

They share together their escapades.

Methodologies for sweeping girls off their feet.

Solely with the motivation to “get laid.”

It was only after she met me that the pieces fell into place.

I suggested she read The Game by Neil Strauss.

That she check out some websites by recognized PUAs.

Get herself educated.

To her shock and dismay, she saw written on those pages exactly what had been “done” to her.

The palm reading routine.

The cocky funny teasing like she was his kid sister.

Technique after technique clearly portrayed.

She was dumbfounded.

If she had read all that before it happened to her, she would have laughed and said that it would never work on her.

But it had.

In the presence of true masculine confidence?

Of outcome independence?

She was simply no match.

“It was like he wouldn’t take no for an answer.”

“I just finally had to realize ‘This is happening’ and go along for the ride.”

Does this mean her consent was violated?

Not at all.

She did what she WANTED to do.

She became a living example of what the pickup artists always say, “Don’t go by what girls say, go by what they do.”

You girls don’t like hearing this.

You want to insist this had to be a non-consensual experience.

But it wasn’t.

How do I know?

She met with this guy multiple times after that first experience.


Because she wanted to.

Even though she had broken things off with this guy by the time she was telling me all this, she said she could still see the possibility of opening herself up to him again.

That is the power of attraction.

Why I call it a natural addiction.

In us guys it takes the form of sexual addiction.

In you girls it takes the form of wanting to be “romantically” swept off your feet.

Seduction plays on powerful forces in your psyche.

Nature tricks you into thinking its true love.

But it isn’t.

This girl agreed with me completely that it wasn’t about love. She only knew this guy casually and they weren’t in any sense close.

So how could it be love?

But that didn’t matter.

He won her “heart” anyway.

As I’ve said many times I’m not an “out for sex” guy.

I don’t want to be with a girl who is unconsciously with me

I don’t want her because I’ve manipulated her emotionally.

I want someone who has come to truly know and value me for who I really am.

Someone who wants to share herself with me because of this.

I want to be with someone I have come to value that way too.

But nature is ever present and you need to be aware of it.

There is nothing wrong with attraction.

It is what it is.

But don’t you want a love that will truly last?

A relationship that is based on more than just getting stirred like this?

I believe you do.

And you can!

I can help you.

You can become less susceptible to this kind of emotional manipulation.

You can learn to meet guys who are genuine.

Guys who are open to truly loving you for who you are.

Why keep getting dissappointed by guys who love you and leave you?

Aren’t you tired of guys who don’t know how to truly emotionally open up?

Don’t spend any more time settling for counterfeit love – contact me for your FREE initial consultation now!

So what do you think girls? Could a pickup artist who knows what he’s doing sweep you off your feet too?

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