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Humorous Moments From The Annals Of Monogamy

I had an experience last night.

It really made me chuckle.

What I also realized though?

There is definitely a blog post series brewing here.

To understand the humor of this one I need to fill you in on the context. Only then will you truly appreciate just how funny this actually was.

I met this girl several years ago.

At the time she lived in Turkey.

She is a blend of Slavic and Turkish.

Her parents are one of each.

She is a very attractive girl who reached out to me through an ExPat website I’m a member of. The site provides the opportunity for people of different cultures to connect.

She was the one who reached out first.

She had a daughter taking school in Canada.

Because of this?

She had an interest in meeting and potentially marrying a Canadian guy.

At first our communications were pretty basic as we talked about Canadian culture. But as things progressed I began to recognize her relationship goals regarding me.

Nothing wrong with that of course.

The directness of her interest was refreshing.

Since I understood her culture though?

I made my polyamorous ways clear very early.

She came to see I wasn’t the marrying kind and eventually married locally. But she and I have remained Facebook friends, and had some nice Messenger chats since then.

In this recent chat what we talked about?

She was frustrated with her daughter’s new independent “Canadian” mindset.

We talked about the differences between east and west.

How parents here encourage their kids to go their own way eventually.

In her culture of course, your kids constitute your retirement plan. When I explained we plan for our own retirement so our kids can just live, she said, “This would need more deep discussion face to face.”

Then I said, “You want to video chat sometime?”

She replied in horror, “Oh. I think no!”

Heaven forbid I video chat with a “married woman” right?

As I chucked to myself, the thought running through my head?

“Ah monogamy!”

What do you think? Is it really the travesty she seems to think it would be if we video chatted now she’s married, or is this just another reason to pass on monogamy and just stay open to love instead?

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