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How To Use This Blog To Heal

A few weeks ago I started a new adventure.

I began contributing to a couple of Facebook groups.

Since I found Attachment Theory very helpful to heal?

I decided to join up and see if I could do some contributing.

One morning after I had written some pretty extensive comments regarding some questions people had, I suddenly received a notification from Facebook Messenger.

A coach friend I know?

She was in those groups too.

But when she saw me posting?

She found it confusing.

She wanted to know if I was changing my “style” because unlike my blog, she didn’t find my comments there as “triggering.” She wondered if I was moving in a new direction because of the things I was writing there.

“I can seem a bit contradictory,” I replied

But whatever the case she said she loved it.

She felt what I was doing was really adding value.

She encouraged me to keep going!

In the process of that conversation with her, I shared my post about people questioning using my services. I suggested there’s really no contradiction at all, once you understand the means to my madness here.

When you read what I write?

It really shouldn’t be triggering to you.

If it is?

That means you actually need to hear what I’m saying to you.

If you find it triggering you should just think of my blog as a kind of “exposure therapy.” A chance to experience those unsettling emotions it brings up for you.

Since my posts aren’t that long?

They’ll give you just a taste of your personal anxieties.

What they’ll help you do if you allow them to?

Learn to process those feelings in small doses more easily.

Over time as you continue to expose yourself to what triggers you like this, you’ll gradually develop a bit thicker skin in the face of what bothers you. After that you can decide more objectively whether what I’m saying really isn’t for you.

So there you go!

That’s how to read this blog.

While right now you don’t like it?

Hopefully one day you’ll thank me!

What do you think? If something like this blog triggers you is that really such a bad thing or is it showing you the places you still need to grow, so eventually you become strong in the face of what currently challenges you?

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