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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl (Part 5)

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I want to share an experience with you.

One that taught me an important lesson.

What was that?

That you can approach a girl no matter who is watching you.

This one happened out in Delta when I was visiting a friend who lives there. Often when he and I get together we make our way over to the local pool.

Both of us are gabby guys.

So we’ll sometimes hit the hot tub for hours.

Discuss the latest things on our minds.

And of course enjoy our view of the girls.

On this particular occasion as we entered the hot tub I couldn’t help but notice her. There she was in all her knockout glory…an extremely attractive bikini clad Asian girl.


I know what you’re thinking.

Here goes Kel again with his “yellow fever.”

What can I say?

I really love those cuties, that’s for sure!

This girl was so beautiful I almost moved right over to her immediately. Every other guy in the hot tub was completely enamored with her as far as I could tell.

Of course what THAT would mean?

I’d be “on stage” when I approached her.

I decided to just play it cool for now.

Wait for a less “public” opportunity.

As my friend and I continued to chat I continued to enjoy just looking at her. Yes girls, I know how completely “disgusting” that sounds but I did do it subtly.

Finally she got up and left the pool.

Made her way into the steam room.

Based on my estimate?

She was the only female in there right now.

Now or never time had come, so I excused myself from my friend and followed her. Five guys were seated on the opposite wall, but despite the “audience” I chose to sit beside her on “her” wall instead.

After chilling for a little while?

I asked, “So are you here representing the female of the species?”

She laughed and agreed she must be.

Then we had a pleasant chat.

All while my “audience” sat there competely dumbfounded!

What do you think guys? Could you approach a girl like this even though you know a group of other guys are watching, and just like I got to here, would you enjoy doing something they only wish they could?

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