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How To Start A Conversation With A Girl (Part 3)

I decided to start a series here where I share the approaches that I do.

My purpose is to help you see.

You can approach girls too!

What inspired this idea was stories I told here and here.

Ones where I let her get away.

I want to share my progressive growth as I’m learning to get out of my introvert shell. So let me dig right in here now and share my first story with you.

I met a real sweet honey of a girl yesterday.

I’ll call her Heart Chakra Girl.

She is an attractive customer service rep.

I met her at the bank where I do my business.

I noticed this girl many months ago now but had never had the opportunity to speak with her in private. That changed for me yesterday so I want to tell you how that went.

For many years now for my computer backups?

I back up to an external hard drive.

Sexy I know.

But even such mundane things?

They can lead to enjoyable encounters.

Enter Heart Chakra Girl as a case in point.

That little external hard drive let me approach her when she escorted me to the vault so I could swap it out in my safety deposit box.

As we walked to vault I decided right then.

“Today is going to be the day.”

“I’m going to approach her.”

“See if I can get her number.”

“Get her to commit to having a drink with me.”

You are probably wondering what amazing pickup line I used or what brilliant way I was going to pull this off right? Well I don’t want to disappoint you at all so let me get right to it and tell you what I did.

As we entered the vault I said, “There isn’t a pen.”

She told me she had brought one with her.

I said, “Done this before I see.”

She smiled and looked for my visitor record card.

I said, “It’s the one with two cards stapled together.”

We chatted about why that was.

Are you getting the impression here just yet that I was working every pickup line I’ve ever heard in my life?


You’re not quite seeing that happening here?

I’m pretty sure I’m remembering this right.

As she was filling out the card I asked her a question.

Do you live here in downtown?

She told me she lived on the North Shore then asked me where I live.

“Here in Yaletown” I told her.

Okay there’s gotta be something I did to get this cute little blond girl to let me meet up with her. Surely right now I pulled a trick from my bag to really save the day yes?

Well…yes I did.

And here it is.

My next statement was really quite simple.

I said, “I think you’re really cute.”

She said, “Thank you.”

And kept her eyes fixed on the card before her.

At that moment I thought, “I may be creeping her out.”

After all, she’s standing in a bank vault alone with a total stranger.

And he’s telling her she’s cute.

But I was determined to carry this through to the end anyway.

So I said, “What do you say we catch a drink sometime soon?”

She thanked me for the offer but said she had a boyfriend. I quickly shifted from approaching her and said, “In that case, here is my card. I blog about relationships all the time!

She lit up.

Became immediately interested.

I asked her how long they had been together and where they met.

She said five years and that they met on the north shore too.

Then without my even asking she said, ” The moment I met him I just knew I wanted to give love to this man.”


How often do you hear a girl say that?

I know what you’re thinking.

“Kel, you sure know how to pick them!”

She told me when she met him, her heart chakra ignited and she had this sense of love that she just wanted to give him.

To my credit she told me I was good.

That my energy was very good too.

The whole exchange was fascinating

I walked away that day…enriched!

Because I’d taken that chance?

I encountered this pleasant creature.

Instead of hiding inside my introverted shell I had taken a risk and approached a new person. A person I had felt very good about for a long time and genuinely felt I’d like to get to know.

Everytime now that I enter the bank?

I know she and I will exchange a smile if nothing else.

Because Heart Chakra Girl gave me her love too.

For that brief moment in the vault.

I will always enjoy this memory now.

All because I took this small step out of my comfort zone.

How about you guys? Could you see yourself doing something this simple to take a chance on your heart chakra igniting also?

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