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How To Really Get Swept Off Your Feet

It drives me crazy watching you girls.

How totally silly you are.

I share myself with you authentically.

Give you the chance to get to know me for who I really am.

But you can’t find your way to connecting. Because you want me to “sweep you off your feet.”

But I know what you don’t know.

I know that is just your built in natural addiction.

The equivalent of a guy’s natural addiction that makes him want to bed a porn star.

You desire to be “seduced.”

But I refuse to do that to you. Because I don’t want you with me because of how I made you FEEL.

I want you to want ME.

The REAL me.

To value me for what I bring to the table.

Just being who I am.

Any guy can learn to MANIPULATE YOU.

By developing his confidence, charm, and willingness to lead.

Learning the “art of seduction.”

Just google “online seduction community” and you’ll find an endless ream of website forums and programs showing guys how to do exactly that.

You probably think, “Oh that could never happen to me.”

But you’re wrong.

And if you’re not very careful it will.

Just this week I met a new girl who told me it happened to her.

She couldn’t believe it actually worked.

But this happens all the time.

Because you are a shallow and unconscious girl, you are completely susceptible too.

You are not self aware.

Comfortable in your own skin.

Your insecurity drives your relationship choices.

It is only when you are truly okay alone, that you can take the time to pursue love in the proper way.

What way is that you ask?

First you get to know the person.

Then you come to value him for who he really is.

Then you experience REAL attraction.

Based on the value you see him to really possess.

This is what it means to TRULY get swept off your feet.

You’re not just attracted because he stirred your feelings by physically escalating with you.

What’s that?

You say you don’t know anything about what I’m describing?

Can’t imagine falling in love this way?

You’re not alone.

Most of your sisters are in the same boat.

Because very few of you are conscious at all.

Instead you’re just another one of nature’s little automatons. Just waiting for the next guy who knows what he’s doing to come along and push all your buttons.

Get your little heart going pitter patter.

Deceiving you yet again.

Into thinking its got to be “real love” this time.

When really it’s just nature’s “sell job.”

Doing what it does so well.

This cycle will happen to you over and over and over again…unless you decide to change.

I can help you do that.

I understand this pattern like the back of my hand.

Do you want to stop the heart break?

Do you want to quit falling for emotionally unavailable guys?

Do you want to finally find TRUE love?

The kind that won’t let you down?

You CAN find TRUE love.

Romantic love that’s REAL.

I can help you do it.

Don’t keep being disappointed by guys.

The kind who love you and leave you.

Reach out to me NOW.

Let’s start down the path of change together.

What do you say? Is it time to quit falling for the same old game and learn how to REALLY get swept off your feet?

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