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How To Meet Two Girls In 20 Minutes

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You’re an introverted guy.

It get it.

Meeting girls for you is like winning the lottery.

Or getting struck by lightening!

The frequency of this event is less often than the occurrence of an ice age.

But you still hope one day to find someone special who really appreciates you for who you are.

Where oh where can you meet her?

What have you got to do the get out of this lonely rut you’re in?

Well you’re in luck!

I’m about to show you where she is and what to do to bring her into your life.

Last night I did just that. I met not just one girl but two! And I did it within about 20 minutes time investment on my part!

“Wow Kel!”

“You’re a miracle worker!”

“How do you do it?”

I’m glad you asked!

Because I’m a generous guy I’m going to reveal my secret to you!

Tell you EXACTLY how I did it!

Are you ready?

Sitting down?

Here goes!

I went online to and found a group for shy people wanting to socialize and signed up.

They had a movie night planned for that night, so I bought my ticket online and RSVP’d.

It’s always a good idea to pay up front.

That way you won’t back out, no matter how hard it is to push yourself out that door.

You’re not going to waste $10 right?

A lot of people find this hard to believe, given how many girls I’ve dated, but I still have to push myself out the door to go to social events.

I’m still a HUGE cocooner.

I would much rather spend my time alone, or in the company of a special girl in my life.

Getting myself out to these social events is just brutal!

I’m telling you guys, I KNOW how you feel!


But I do it anyway because I know it’s the only way I’ll have the kind of love life I desire.

Okay, back to the story

So I was committed.

They were meeting at 7:15 with the movie starting at 7:50.

In other words, I only had to socialize for about 30 minutes.

Then I could just sit there and enjoy the movie.

Not much stress to that right?

I saw the group standing at the spot where they said we should meet and walked up to them.

You know what happens when you walk up to this kind of group?

Everybody says hi to you and introduces themselves.

This nice Mexican girl said hello and we got chatting.

Did you notice that?

I didn’t say hello first.

She did!

Turned out she was really nice and we had a few things in common. So we kept chatting.

Did I go for her number?


Then the time for the movie came.

So guess what I did?

I watched the movie.

Kind of enjoyed it.

Really hard, right?

After the movie another girl from the group said hi to me.

That’s right.

SHE said hi to ME!

So I chatted with her for a bit too.

She was really nice.


Did I get her number?


I just said it was nice meeting her and then I left and went home.

But I still met two girls in 20 minutes of actual chat time…just by SHOWING UP!

Yes I could have gone for numbers but that would have been a bigger stretch.

“Okay Kel, but how does this help me get a girl in my life if I don’t even end up with her number?”

Again, I’m glad you asked!

The website has a messaging system for you to message with people you meet at meetups.

I’ve actually messaged a couple girls that way who I never even met at a meetup!

One of them had some dates with me and we became friends.

Don’t go crazy with this idea though and start “cold” messaging a ton of girls. can sense you doing that and they’ll shut down your account.

How do I know this?


Hey, I’m always experimenting with what’s possible for you guys!


The next day I messaged both the Mexican girl and the other girl, letting them know I really enjoyed getting to know them. I asked if they’d like to hang out and get to know each other further.

I’m writing this having just done that, so I can’t tell you my responses yet.

But I’m genuinely following up from real conversations, so there is a high probability of a positive response.

Depends how shy they really are!

And if they were attracted to me at all of course.

You only find that out by asking!

So does this “message the girl after the meetup” approach always work?


Quite a few times I’ve found out the girl has blocked her account so nobody can message her.

And that’s a real drag when you’ve met somebody really nice.

What’s the answer then?

One option is go to the next meetup and hope that she’s a regular.

My experience however is, that’s usually not the case.

A lot of people just try these meetups once to see how they are and never show up again.

So your last and best option is indeed to go for her number, while you’re chatting with her at the meetup.

Obviously that’s the biggest comfort zone stretch for you.

I don’t have time today to help you with that one.

Even if I tell you things you can do, you’re much better off to have a bit more hands on help with that.

Which is why I work with introverted guys just like you.

Guys who need a little hand holding, to get past your fears and discomforts.

But I hope what I’ve proved to you here, is that I KNOW what you’re going through.

I AM just like you.

I’ve just done a bit more learning and pushed myself a bit further than you have yet.

So I know you can too.

I can help you.

Don’t keep being frustrated and spending those nights alone – contact me for your FREE initial consultation!

So how about you? Do you have any good stories about some easy ways to meet girls too? 

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