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How To Meet Two Girls In 20 Minutes (Part 6)

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By now this is my classic setup.

I eyeballed an English language meetup.

Never been to this one before.

I’d passed on it a few times, but decided finally to go to it.

This one was advertised through two different Meetup groups and since I like this English theme, I happen to be a member of both of them.

I scanned the RSVP lists.

Picked the one with the most Asian girls.


Then off I went for my latest adventure.

When I entered the venue it was really tight with a bunch of small table reservations. I scanned the room for those cute Asian girls, but everywhere they were all the seats were taken.


Quite a bummer that.

Time to come up with a different strategy.

I decided once I made my purchase?

I would plunk myself at a wide open table.

One of my advantages when I go these events is I’m usually one of the only Native English speakers. This makes me a bit of a draw, so I figured once I sat down, people would flock to me.

As serendipity would have it though?

The universe had different plans.

I turned around in line to find a cute German girl standing there.

I chatted her up, as well as the Mexican girl behind her.

I decided why not?

I enjoy girls from lots of different races.

After I made my purchase, I told these girls my plan to sit at a wide open table. I encouraged them if they wanted to join me, I would be happy to be their conversation partner.

Two girls in 20 seconds.

I better be careful here.

You’re going to start to expect this!

When I sat down though?

A Chinese guy at another table saw.

He beelined over so he could sit with me.

Not exactly what I had in mind. I began to wonder if others would follow his lead, and effectively block my intended companions. Thankfully they made it there before anyone else made moves for my attention.

At the end of the event?

I planned to ask the German girl out.

Unfortunately, circumstances prevented it.

I see now though her Meetup messaging is open.

Guess I’ll follow up that way, and see what happens.

What do you know? I went there with the full intent of meeting some Asian girls, and instead enjoyed the lovely presence of these cute German and Latino girls instead of them, all in under 20 minutes!

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