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How To Meet Two Girls In 20 Minutes (Part 5)

I’ve mentioned this before right?

How I have a bit of an affection for Asian girls?


As you’ll soon see?

This night’s meetup was all about them.

It started when I arrived at the pub to find out something had happened to the reservation. Everybody was standing outside, as the organizer scrambled to figure out a Plan B.

Time to kill and there she was.

A timid looking little Asian wallflower.

I walked right up and said to her,

“You seem like an introverted type.”

Given how spooked she looked that I even started talking to her, I took that as a “Yes” but persisted. As we walked to the new venue down the street, she gradually opened up to me.

I met Number TWO Asian girl at one of the tables.

I ended up there by sitting by a guy I had met earlier.

She was a cute girl from Singapore.

She had only been in Vancouver for a couple months.

Not sure how but we got talking about Myers-Briggs personalities, and I mentioned a meetup about that I was going to. We swapped numbers and planned to go to it together in a couple days.

And then BONUS Asian girl hit.


Was she a cutie!

A sweet Korean fireball.

As you know?

For me sweet beats hottie everytime!

She and I talked about almost everything imaginable. It was another one of those instant connection things I’ve talked about.

A good hour or more passed.

I can’t even remember all the subjects.

I shared my crazy relationship ideas.

Guess what?

She was really intrigued by this!

Here too before we were done, we had once again shared each other’s numbers. We have some plans to take in a couple dessert places real soon.

Three girls and two numbers!


I can’t tell you why it’s always feast or famine.

All I know?

You have to get out there.

They just don’t come knocking at your door!


Maybe later they do.

But that’s a different subject! 😉

How about you? Is it time to recognize that 20 minutes could make all the difference, between you just wishing and that encounter actually happening?

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